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2 TIMOTHY 4:7-8



Providence Christian Academy is a distinguished private Christian school dedicated to cultivating lifelong learners through rigorous academics, character development, and Christian faith from elementary through high school.


We are on the cutting edge of what it means to be an elite private Christian School.  Our strong focus on academic excellence, good citizenship, and athletics have made us a destination for parents who want their kids to excel academically while becoming excellent and influential members of society.

Our goal is to produce children who are biblically grounded, intellectually astute, and highly successful. We aspire to achieve this goal with love and focus, fostering an environment where children can succeed and learn the tools to excel.  


In addition, it is our desire that as we plant these seeds of greatness in our children, that they in turn, plant the seeds of greatness in their children, affecting generations and generations of families to come. We hope you will come join us in our pursuits and become part of our PCA family. 

Principal's Message

Welcome to the Providence Christian Academy Family!

Warm greetings from Providence Christian Academy! As the principal, I am delighted to announce that enrollment is now open for the 2024-25 school year, inviting students from kindergarten (K4) through grade 10 to be part of our Christian school community.

At Providence Christian Academy, we are dedicated to providing an environment where each child's unique gifts and talents are nurtured. Our educators are committed to fostering spiritual growth, intellectual curiosity, and character development.

As we embark on this educational journey together, we aim to integrate academic excellence with biblical principles. Through engaging lessons, meaningful discussions, and hands-on experiences, we strive to guide our students in understanding and appreciating the wisdom found in God's word.

A scripture that aligns with our mission comes from Psalm 119:105, proclaiming, "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." Embracing this verse, our goal is to light the way for our students by imparting the wisdom and guidance found in the Scriptures.

Enrollment is now open, and we warmly invite you to join us in shaping a foundation for lifelong learning rooted in faith. Should you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out.

Wishing you blessings and looking forward to a rewarding school year ahead!

Linda Temby, Principal
Providence Christian Academy 

PCA Voices

"Our experience at Providence Christian Academy has been transformative.  We have never seen a more organized, dedicated, and nurturing school.  The difference is found in the authenticity of their collaborative mission to protect and nurture children. 
At PCA, there is an inexhaustible focus on each individual child.  From the school board to the principal and the faculty, in addition to the teacher's assistants and the security guards, your child is what matters most.  Such low student-to-teacher ratios cannot be found elsewhere, and consequently, no child is ever lost in the cracks.
Our son has been transformed academically, socially, spiritually, and physically.  The school has also transformed our family; we are now better and happier parents.  Sending your child to Providence Christian Academy will be one of the best decisions you ever make.  There is simply no comparison.  God Bless."
The Ghitman Family

The Ghitman Family

Happening at PCA 

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May and June Newsletter

June, 2024 

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty, and Supporters,

As we reflect on this past semester, we are grateful for the growth and achievements within our school community.  Our students have engaged in exciting learning experiences, from exploring new topics in history and science to diving deep into novels and literary analysis.

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