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What Can You Do?

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IT Needs for 2024-2025

Updated July 14, 2024

We are at a pivotal moment where enhancing our technological infrastructure is imperative to meet the educational demands of our students and to support our dedicated teachers.  To this end, we have identified several critical IT needs... . 

Accountant at Work

Student Scholarship

Updated July 19, 2024

Your generous donation plays a crucial role in assisting aspiring students in their journey to join Providence Christian Academy.  Your support directly fuels our financial aid program, allowing us to uphold our commitment to affordable tuition fees.


Specialized Faculty

Updated July 19, 2024

Your generous donation will empower us to amplify our specialized faculty, thereby enriching the horizons of our students. Our dedicated specialty faculty spans across various domains, including but not limited to Language Arts, Science, History, and Gifted Programs.

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Advance Christian Education

Updated July 19,2024

By contributing $50 each month, you will become a valued member of The Providence Christian Academy Guild, a passionate community committed to advancing Christian education and ensuring that more children have access to essential learning resources. 

You may have more to offer than you think!

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