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In pursuit of academic excellence, we are tireless in our mission to provide the best possible education in the area.  From a young age, we believe there needs to be a strong emphasis on reading, writing, grammar, and mathematics. We feel especially driven to push the imperative of a rigorous academic program that focuses on academics only, within the context of a biblical perspective. 


Our teaching approach places a significant emphasis on proper grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading, writing, advanced mathematics, science, and history.  As an example, all our Kindergarten students are already reading, writing, and progressing in Mathematics daily.  Regular and interactive homework assignments are given every night. If you were to walk into the school randomly, during a typical day, you would observe children working hard and invested in academic learning. The importance of these subjects is embedded into the mind of each child in such a way that daily progress is routine.  Because of our high academic standards of education and faculty commitment, the academic performance of our children is exceptional.    


However, PCA takes it one step further. Having the right curriculum is only one part of running an excellent school; implementing it successfully is an entirely different endeavor.  Our pedagogical approach is inextricably connected to achieving superlative academic outcomes.  For one, we believe in small classrooms with extremely low teacher-to-student ratios.  Typically, each class has no more than 10 students with one teacher and one dedicated teacher’s aide. Consequently, no child is allowed to fall through the cracks.


Secondly, teachers and staff are very responsive to our children’s needs and constructively partner with parents.  At PCA, parental concerns are immediately attended to and typically addressed within the same day.  Our partnerships with parents are taken very seriously.  We meet with them, coordinate with them, and regularly confer with them regarding homework assignments, and their child’s progress.  


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we love our children and want them to reach their full human potential. All faculty, staff, volunteers, and security guards care for each child and strive to support their growth academically and socially.        





Just like we require all our students to pursue academic excellence, we also expect our students to exercise good citizenship.


We desire each child to develop into an excellent human being with a biblically based foundation.  This is achieved by analyzing and exploring the depth of the biblical scripture in addition to teaching it in a way that is both practical and actionable. As a result, our children develop a strong sense of moral virtue which is demonstrated in their behavior regularly.  This has led to remarkable changes in our children’s attitudes and conduct.  Not surprisingly,  they are happier kids.  This all lends credence to the importance of a biblical, Christ-centered approach in society.    


Our perspective is that good citizenship can be developed by embracing scripture in the mind and heart, but also through specific actions.  All our faculty are aligned with this philosophy and our children’s behavior is graded for good citizenship regularly.  We believe that by teaching our children to align themselves with God through scripture, they will be protected against the forces in the world that ultimately lead to great harm and suffering. We strive tirelessly to achieve this goal.



Our attitude and efforts toward achieving athletic success work in concert with our pursuit of academic excellence and good citizenship.  We look at our sports teams in the same way we look at our academic endeavors: we seek to achieve excellence in every aspect of our sports.  


We also adopt the following perspective from the Bible: “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit? Therefore, honor God with your bodies.”  In practical terms, we believe that eating healthy and exercising regularly are expressions of honor and gratitude to God.


At PCA, we recognize that each sport has its own set of skills, physical attributes, and mental faculties that need to be honed.  The PCA difference is that we customize our coaching to each sport and each individual athlete, thus going beyond the norm. 


Each lesson plan for practice is prepared specifically in advance and has been researched thoroughly.  A record of each practice is taken to inform the lesson plan for the next practice. Our motto is that if you want to develop an elite sports team, then your practices must be at an elite level.  The path to excellence is narrow.  


Additionally, each athlete is put on a physical exercise program where goals are set and met. Among our staff, we have college-level coaches, an elite gymnast, a professional powerlifter, a top-tier personal trainer, and a coach trained in behavioral psychology as it relates to sports.  The low teacher-to-student ratios in our classes are also mirrored in our athletic programs.  


To be the best private Christian school on the East Coast, renowned for its academic excellence and commitment to shaping a generation with biblical knowledge, wisdom, and character.

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